Quotes, et al.

"I go berserk too!"
      Darkain, human Street Sam, after hearing that the target is a berserker.


"You're walking along, minding your own business, when all of a sudden ..."
"I'm not minding my own business! I'm minding his!"
      Angel, Elven Decker, knowing full well that minding one's business is the preface for some _serious_ trouble!

"What the hell happened to you?"
"We had a fight with a lake."
"Yeah, we beat the shit outta it!"
      KnightWatchman, Troll Phys-Adept, feeling the need to explain further.

"Cut it up...shoot it up...blow it up...that's my idea of a good day. Oh, and lots of beer.
      Acid (wannabe assassin)

"...with mist rolling down the hills toward you..."
     Angel, yelling