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05-10-2012 | 09:48:31 >>> Awesome. We've been asked to be a part of this, and so we shall! Visit the site, get involved, support the community and enjoy yourself!


12-19-2006 | 14:44:45 >>> Wow, I've really been behind in things, haven't I? Mi crosoft has finally announced a Shadowrun game! How could I be so completely ob livious to this fact? Oh job, et al. Anyway, bask in the warm glow of a game that will be playable not only on the PC, but also the XBox 360! It w ill be one of their Vista launch games under the new banner of Games for Windows ! Check out the blurb on the game on Microsoft's site here: run.aspx or go to the official site with the quite familiar-sounding address of See you on the ' trix, chumlichen! <<<

02-15-2005 | 15:03:14 >>> Okay, this is just sad. I haven't updated in almost 3 years! Okay, I'm still here. This site is still here, even if I rarely update it. One thing of interest to note: according to the most recent issue of the Official X-Box Magazine, there are rumblings and rumors of Microsoft putting out a Shadowrun game! Who knows if it would be an exclusive X-Box game or not (my money would be on yes, it would), but I think we could all agree that it would be a wonderful thing to come to pass, indeed! Let's just hope they'd put the story first. With a universe as rich as this, I think it deserves a damned good story.

So what do you guys think? Should they set this game in the most recent Shadowrun world setting, or should they go back and play up the original games? Back in the days of the Big D just having woken up, of Maria Mercurial, etc.? I'm torn, myself. <<<

07-30-2002 | 16:19:36 >>> I received a request for character sheets for those of you still playing. Obviously, it's easier these days to download and print character sheets than to photocopy the ones in the backs of many Shadowrun books. One person who has made some rather impressive and useful sheets in my opinion goes by the name Wordman. I got his permission to link to his page and you can get a link to his semi-customized character sheets there. As always, email me if you have any questions or comments about the site. <<<

07-15-2002 | 15:44:15 >>> I've emailed back and forth with Mr. Kimmich since I last posted the update below. He gave me another email address to use, which I've posted below as well. He said there are no current publiucly available plans, but if anyone has any ideas or would like to make any comments, to please email them at (no, that's NOT a typo). SO please, everyone email them and tell them we want to see a Shadowrun game! And we've got a friend in Mr. Kimmich, he says he's a fan of the game too, so let's let our voices be heard! <<<

07-03-2002 | 09:36:34 >>> I recently received an email from someone named David King. Apparently, he's been keeping up on the world of Shadowrun as well and brings up an interesting point. Let me show you:

" I don't know about you but im really into online gaming and think that shadowrun would be an awesome approach to an online game. Im so very bored with the medieval fantasy which for me and many others is old and dieing. So I did some research on Shadowrun and found out that Microsoft had bought out the game rights to shadowrun. Leave it to Microsoft to see a good thing and buy it up.

I sent John Kimmich of Microsoft and email trying to talk him into making an online game so we can enjoy a persistent world in the shadowrun universe. But I encourage you and all you members to nag this guy and Microsoft into abandoning there Fantasy RPG known as Asherons Call and make Shadowrun. Here is his email address

Please post his email on your website explaining to people if we band together and annoy the hell out of them we may get a response other than the one he gave me: "Thanks for the interest. We're all big fans of Shadowrun here as well, if and when we have something more definitive to say regarding our plans for the franchise, I'm sure there will be some sort of public announcement." Thanks for your time and take care.

David King"

Now, I don't know about all of you, but I'm not huge into MMORPG's, though I can definitely appreciate them. Probably has something to do with the fact that I can't see paying to buy a game just in order to have to pay yet more moeny to keep playing it. I understand upkeep on servers and such, but I don't have the cash and I don't have the connection speed at home.

However, I do think Shadowrun deserves a game, and hey, Microsoft has the clout to do it big and do it right. They've done several other games well. But unlike David, I doubt they'll dump the cash cow that is Asheron's Call. There's just too much money sunk into it for them to abandon it, so give up that pipe dream right now.

Thoughts? Comments? Rants? Flames? I'd be willing to post any and all of them if you guys just send them to me!

- Knight Watchman (watchman AT shadowrun dot org) <<<

02-21-2002 | 10:29:08 >>> Just a small update to the Matrix Links page. I'm also considering adding a page to help prospective GM's or anyone with rules or world questions. If you'd be interested, or actually have a question, please email me at "watchman AT shadowrun dot org". I look forward to hearing from more of you! <<<

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