The newest entrant in the arms race for best beam weapon, and we like to think the best for your money so far. Extensive research and development over the past nine years has led us at long last to the long-awaited weapon for the twenty-second century! We introduce the Vulcan Arms CFL-III. A state of the art system of high-powered lasers, high-capacitance batteries and cunningly positioned and controlled laser mirrors are used to provide a hand-carried laser rifle which fires a continuous beam!

>>>>>[For all interested parties out there, let me point something out: this is not a continuously-firing laser as Vulcan would like for you to believe. What they've done (and I can attest to this since I recently acquired a copy of the blueprints of this gun) is put four lasers into the gun, set them to fire in sequence, then use the mirrors to reflect the beams out the same barrel so quickly that it seems like a solid beam. An acquaintance of mine was a ble to field-test this weapon and said that if it received a good knock to the side of the weapon, the mirrors would get knocked out of alignment and you'd end up shotting the ceiling instead of your target or, in a worse case, your own foot. It was also possible to knock a mirror completely loose so that your gun would stutter-fire or even not fire at all! I have no idea if the final release of this gun fixed any of these issues, but caveat emptor!]<<<<<
-Archon (03:17:58/01-18-57)

>>>>>[Yeah, dey got dat stuff fixed and, boy! Dis ting rocks, baby! I gotted my hands on one o dem de other day, and dresk if I didn't put a hole in a strong steel door with one pull of da trigger! I swear by dis ting and sleep wit it under my pillo at night!]<<<<<
-Rock Steady (10:15:43/01-19-57)

>>>>>[Must make for a lumpy pillow, neh?]<<<<<
-Ladyhawke (10:20:45/01-19-57)


The lasers in this gun are actually very low-powered, and so this weapon needs to be held on a target for a short time before it actually does any damage. Therefore, at least two Aim actions must be taken, during which no other actions can take place before the weapon's damage can be applied. If the character changes targets, the one-round Aim has to take place again, even if only switching to a different location on the original target. This weapon uses the sniping rifle range table.