Hey! Got any questions to ask me? Drop me a line at watchman@shadowrun.org and let me know so I can update this page!

Updated: 07-30-02

Well, here's a start to the list:

1. When is this site going to be updated?

Okay, okay, so my life isn't as hectic as it once was. The house is built and quite lovely, by the way. But my work life has gotten busier. Obviously, you're now seeing more updates than before, so I must be doing something right. I will update as often as I have something of interest to share, so if you know of something like the recent news about Microsoft, pass it along, I'd be happy to post it for everyone to read!

2. Is FASA Really out of business?

Unfortunately, this is sad but true. FASA went out of business early in 2001. The Battletech and Shadowrun RPG franchises were sold to a company called WizKids, LLC (tm). So far, WizKids, LLC (tm) has put out ten new or re-released books, so they certainly seem to be keeping our favorite hobby running.

WizKids, LLC (tm) is also taking over the Shadowrun novels and, as I understand it, there are a few which were in production when FASA went under that are still being released. Hopefully these will continue as well.

3. How long have you been playing Shadowrun?

I've been playing Shadowrun since 1989 when it first came out. I started Gamemastering the game shortly after that.

4. How do I start playing Shadowrun?

Well, this is pretty simple. You need, at the very minimum, the basic rules. You can do this by buying the book Shadowrun Third Edition, or possibly also the Shadowrun Quick Start Rules, though I'd suggest the third edition basic rules. Very basic rules can also still be found on FASA's web site, though I can't guarantee how much longer that will be the case. On the Matrix page, you can find links to FASA's site where they'll be selling Shadowrun books for a little while yet. You might also want to check sites like Amazon.com or (I prefer) Barnes & Nobel.

5. Is this the same Shadowrun as the SNES/Sega video game?

Yes, those games were based on the RPG Shadowrun universe that FASA and Tom Dowd created, but they really paled in comparison to the in-person approach of the pen-and-paper (PNP) experience so many of us have come to know and love.

6. Is this site connected with the Shadowrun video game/MUD/MUSH/anything else?

The short answer? No. This is my own site, updated whenever I finally get a chance. Sorry it's not as often as I know many of you and I would both like, but I'm working on it!

7. Is this site about a game you are running or something?

Again, not really. Yes, I have an ongoing campaign with characters I'm currently running, but this site is (I hope) becoming more about Shadowrun in general than any one gamer's experience in specific.